Water Boats and Such

This Is a gallery of original acrylic paintings on canvas by Derek Collins. It features boats,seascapes, lakes

and sunsets over water related scenes. They are painted with a palette knife with many layers of paint and

are highly textured . They are painted in an Impressionist style using a modern color palette. Hence the title

Modern Impressionist

Email Derek for questions

or to see a better resolution

image of any painting

 colorful seascape sunset ocean waves acrylic painting,impressionist

Red Ocean Sunset

24x48 $750

abstract sailboat painting acrylic palette knife colorful

Abstract Sailboats

24x36 $525

Colorful sailboats city water reflections acrylic painting

Bright Sails

24x48 $750

Sailboat painting group floating water impressionist


24x48 $750 canvas

Depth of the Sea

30x40 $750 canvas

two sailboats nautical art impressionist painting colorful

The Weekend

22x28 $375 canvas

Ocean beach sunset original painting rolling waves sailboat water width=

Tiny Sailboat

30x40 $750

Sailboat painting red sunset water reflections acrylic painting impressionist

Boat at Sunset

30x40 $750 canvas

Dreamy Sunset

30x40 $750 canvas

abstract sailboat painting primary colors water reflections width=

I Have The Right Away

24x36 $525

Impressionist beach sand dune ocean painting crashing waves sunset

It's a Beachy Sunset

24x48 $750

Ocean beach painting storm clouds sailboat seascape

Ocean with Sailboat

$750 30 x 40

painting colorful moored sailboat sunset original acrylic painting

The Boat

Acrylic ocean sunset beach painting surf sand

Sand,Surf and Wind

24x48 $750

18x18 $270

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