Modern Impressionist

Portfolio of original modern impressionist acrylic landscape paintings painted by Artist Derek Collins. Trees, fall scenes, lakes, lily pads and sunsets

painted in an impressionistic style with a palette knife on canvas. I am focused on the use of dynamic color combinations

and having a great sense of light in my paintings. The paint is built up in as many as 7 layers, lots of texture.

Interest in a painting? Like to see a 15 sec video of a painting with close ups? Email Derek.

Click to see a video close up of these paintings

Sizes available 18x18


36x48, 36x60

I have many other paintings

not shown. Please inquire

about boat,trees poppies etc.

in other sizes. I am constantly

producing new work.

Ask Derek a question??

lavender field farm impressionist original painting Derek Collins

Lavender Farmhouses

24x48 $750 canvas

colorful acrylic painting fall trees textured reds and yellows derek collins

Glorious Fall

30x40 $750 canvas

aspen tree painting reflections water yellow Derek Collins

Aspen Fall

18x18 $750 canvas

Large autumn forest Original Acrylic landscape painting trees fall colors artist Derek Collins

Color Display

$2000 36x60 on canvas

Lily pad landscape painting light sparkling water acrylic palette knife canvas Derek Collins art

Pond and Lily Pads

$750 acrylic 30x40

Red Sunset

$525 24x36 on canvas

Panorama Acrylic Painting tree plowed field lavender flowers by artist Derek Collins

Yonder Hills

24x48 canvas $750

Sun tree reflections water lake sunset original acrylic landscape painting Indiana artist Derek CollinsSun on the Water

$1400 36x48 canvas

painting of birch trees with fall colors

Tree Line

$750 24x48 canvas

Colorful field poppies original modern acrylic landscape painting palette knife artist Derek Collins

Poppy Field

30x40 $750

Painting of fall trees highly textured,colorful. Original Acrylic landscape painting artist Derek Collins

Forest in Fall

18x18 $270

Painting creek fall tree colors distant mountains landscape painted Derek Collins

Fall Creek

18x18 $270

Acrylic tree painting yellow aspen trees autumn artist Derek Collins

Yellow Fall

18x18 $270

Bold Statement

24x36 $550

Contemporary Colorful Impressionist Aspen trees painting fall orange Yellow Derek Collins

Aspens Pop With Color

24x48 $750

Aspen tree fall palette knife painting texture original acrylic landscape artist Derek Collins.

Aspens Abstracted

36x48 $1400 on canvas

Painting Panorama hilltop overlook fall tree colors original acrylic landscape artist Derek Collins

Overlook 2

24x48 $750 on canvas

Colorful contemporary abstract painting bare trees field original acrylic landscape artist Derek Collins.

Bare Trees

30x40 $750 Canvas

Modern impressionism art painting autumn forest fall colors original acrylic landscape painting artist Derek Collins.

Fall Glory

18x18 $270

Abstract impressionist painting bold fall trees colors painted palette knife canvas Indiana artist Derek Collins

Color Rainbow

24x48 canvas $750

Colorful painting daisies in a field daisy barn landscape acrylic Derek Collins.

Field of Daisies

30x40 $750 canvas

textured colorful Poppy field painting original modern art acrylic painted palette knife landscape artist Derek Collins


24 x 48 $750

Aspen trees painting large abstract original acrylic landscape painting Derek Collins

Really Big Trees

36x48 $1400

Fall trees painting with bright colors small stream mountains acrylic palette knife painting,Derek Collins

Fall Reflecting

18x18 $270

Abstract Poppy field panorama painting original acrylic landscape artist Derek Collins art

Quiet Poppy Sunset

24x48 $750

Contemporary poppy field painting lavender acrylic landscape canvas painted artist Derek Collins

Poppies with Lavender

30x40 $750

Original painting river field red wild flowers trees acrylic landscape artist Derek Collins

Red Field

30x40 $750

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