Original Acrylic paintings of flowers,florals and still life.

Created by Derek Collins,impressionist painted with a palette knife.

still life vase flower painting floral

Bunch of Flowers

18x18 $270

impressionist yellow daffodil flower painting

Daffodil Impressions


impressionist flower floral painting gladiolus



impressionist painting of yellow daffodils

Daffodils Standing Tall

18x18 $270

 impressionist still life acrylic painting daffodils yellow floral

Pot O Flowers

18x18 $270

acrylic painting sunflowers floral still life

Pot with Sunflower

18x18 $270

still life acrylic painting terra cotta flower painting dasies roses

Bucket of Flowers

18x18 $270

Colorful Flowers

18x18 $270

landscape painting wild flowers orange acrylic impressionism width=

Wild Bunch

18x18 $270

closeup poppy paintnig acrylic impressionism width=

Big Poppies

18x18 $270

Wild Ones

18x18 $270

sunflower field painting acrylic sunset

Sunset with Flowers

18x18 $270

 sunflower painting closeup acrylic impressionist

Bunch of Sunflowers

18x18 $275

 large painting closeup sunflowers impressionist acrylic

Large Sunflowers

24x48 $750

poppy field painting sunset acrylic impressionism

Poppies Field with Barn

22x28 $375

landscape painting sunset poppies field barn acrylic

Poppies and a Barn

18x18 $275

poppy farm closeup poppies barn landscape sunset

Farm of Sunflowers

18x24 $350


18x18 $275

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