Simple Horizons

 These painting are meant to be interpeted.  Most people see them as water reflections, marsh, a distant city on water.  Some people see them as land.

Some are more literal than others.  I am using many variations of each particular color and placing complementary colors next to each other to make the colors pop.  I sometimes put colors in places you would not expect them to be.


A Long Sunset

24x48 $750 on canvas

Light Filled $1400

3ft x 4ft  on canvas

Cloudy Day

 30x40  $750 on canvas

 Hence the need for you to interpet.  The colors sometimes create lines that look like movement and are a visual tool to move your eye across the painting.





liliacs landscape painting original acrylic


 $750 24x48 on canvas

A Colorful Landscape SOLD


Evening Light

$750 30x40 on canvas



Long Sunset $1800

36x60 on canvas



30x40  $750 on canvas



Pastel Sunset

30x40   $750 on canvas



Small Farm

24x48   $750 on canvas


Could Be a Marsh

36x48  $1400 on canvas


High Horizon

36x48  $1400 on canvas



30x40  $750 on canvas

Swells of Color

24x36  $575 on canvas


                 Sea of Color

               72x30  $1800  on canvas









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