Modern Impressionism

 Sizes available  18x18


 36x48, 36x60

 I have many other paintings

 not shown.  Please inquire

about boat,trees poppies etc.

in other sizes.  I am constantly

producing new work.

Field of Flowers

24x48 $750 canvas

Fall Leaves

 30x40  $750 canvas

Fall Water Reflections

18x18 $250 canvas


Fall Textures

 $1800   36x60 on canvas

Pond and Lily Pads

$750 acrylic  30x40

Red Sunset

$500 24x36 on canvas


Yonder Hills

24x48 canvas  $750  

 Sun on the Water

$1400 36x48 canvas



Tree Line

$750 24x48 canvas



Poppy Field

30x40 $750 on canvas



Forest in Fall

18x18 $250 on canvas


Fall Creek

18x18 canvas



Yellow Fall

18x18  $250 on canvas



Bold Statement

24x36 $575 on canvas


Sunset with Sunflowers

18x18 $250 on canvas




36x48  $1400 on canvas


Overlook 2

24x48  $750 on canvas


Colorful Marsh

30x40 $750 Canvas



Poppies and a Barn

18x18 $250



Colorful Forest

  24x48 canvas



  Field of Daisies

30x40 $750 canvas




24 x 48  $750


Aspen -n- Stream

18x18 $250






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