Modern Realism






aspen trees landscape painting acrylic

I Think That I Shall Never See

7 ft 2 inches x 28 inches  $2400

on Wood

Fall Leaves

 30x40  $750 canvas


 32x26   $575 on canvas


Fall Textures

 $1800   36x60 on canvas


$975 on wood  30x70

Fading Fast

30x22 $375 on canvas


landscape painting lake fall trees water reflections

Lake Reflections

48x15  $650 on wood


Sunflower Field

$750 30x40 0n canvas


Tree Line

$750 24x48 canvas



30x40 $750 on canvas


Trees Abstractly

18x18 $250 on canvas


Standing Tall

30x40 $750



Different Colors

18x18  $250 on canvas


Bold Statement

24x36 $575 on canvas


Tall Aspen

36x48  $1400 on canvas




36x48  $1400 on canvas



24x48  $750 on canvas






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